Large Hepplewhite Corner Cupboard

Basically the same Hepplewhite Corner Cupboard except this one is much larger. This dining cupboard or ‘hutch’ as many refer to cupboards as, is perfect for your formal large dining room. May be displayed catty-cornered in a nice large corner or up against a larger wall where it can be shown off as a show-stopper piece for all of your foot traffic to admire as they walk by.

With its window-plated glass doors, this unit serves as its own window, so wise choice if you place it on a wall without a window – let it be its own window! Your other walls will be so much more enhanced by its presence!

Item Number: CC-103-2

  • Height: 90″
  • Fits: 40″ Corner
  • Shown In: Curly Maple with Country Amber stain-cream int