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Benner's Woodworking - River Bend Chair Co.

Benner's Woodworking in Lebanon Ohio produces museum-quality 18th & 19th Century furniture reproductions, employing handcrafted construction methods that have withstood the test of time. Our finest and highest quality furniture – for living rooms, bedroom and dining rooms, along with a wide selection of our home accessories – is best defined as well-crafted with the same methods used 200 years ago. These faithful reproductions are built utilizing traditional woods and authentic period finishes and people love them, as we've been informed repeatedly. People who care about quality care about real solid wood furniture and the skilled craftmanship of the way it is made - no faux pas, cheap, bargain wood here! For an added speical bonus, we like to be able to offer a little extra something for those who are history buffs as the historical story of our furniture goes as far back as to our founding fathers' days. We know if it was good enough for them, it is definitely good for us now!